Laurence Asseraf is the founder and director of a taste of art, the first gourmet art gallery in Tribeca. Launching in November 2001, this new space will feature contemporary artwork and fine foods. Laurence Asseraf will be combining her life's two passions in an unconventional way, making them both less intimidating and more accessible. She grew up in a home where savoring caviar and foie gras was an intimate and celebratory moment shared with her family, but it was always without ceremony and sacredness. Her interest in art began in the 1980s when she became friends with artists and art critics in Paris. She began collecting art with her husband, who shared her passion, and continued to do so when the family moved to Miami in 1991.

Laurence Asseraf has a Master of Law and practiced as an attorney specialized in Corporate Law in France for 13 years. She left her private practice to work in the art field bridging the gap between art and the corporate world.

She lives in Tribeca with her husband Joel and two daughters, Melodie and Deborah.

Andy, our resident barkeep, comes to us from Chicago after working there as a somelier and wine consultant. A connoisseur of gastronomy, he contributed to the creation of the dishes on our menu and is known to throw fabulous dinners, both in his own home and those of a privileged few. He has enjoyed previous incarnations as a punk rock guitarist, world traveller and student of obscure languages among other things.

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