Ali Hossaini works at the intersection of art, philosophy and media. He has been involved in the launch of several television channels, including LAB HD, the only TV channel devoted to video art, and he has produced original works of video art in numerous countries, including Iceland, Greenland, France, Burma and Madagascar. His productions have screened at the Lincoln Center, the Whitney Museum, PS1/MoMA, the Anthology Film Archive, Le Couvent des Cordelier, the Tribeca Film Festival and numerous art galleries. He is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the National Association of Television Program Executives. He serves on the Board of Advisors for Anthology Film Archives and the Water Mill Center for the Arts.

Ali Hossaini Artistic Statement
Life is best when it's both sublime and absurd. I've always sought to join these poles, and consequently much of my work is driven by contradiction. When I was young I was sure that I would become a scientist. When offered the choice I trained as a philosopher, a discipline that combined analytic rigor with a humanist focus. For some reason I fled professional philosophy for the arts, and I now find myself as a hybrid media artist and mediamaker. But all my work derives from philosophy. I think art might express philosophy better than writing at this stage of history: academia has become moribund, and it neuters exciting and dangerous ideas. One thing I learned is that every expression bears an ideological message. Art, television and culture create experiences, and the ideas that inspire these experiences can either distract us or draw us into life. For me it's better to be engaged and critical. And to always want something different.