Being Venezuelan, and having traveled to so many Meso-American countries, this made a deep impact on my work - I like the way that the ancient Mayans or Aztecs used to write, but at the same time it served as art. I have developed a style that is at the same time abstract but has the shapes that are reminiscent of ancient cultures.

I include modern messages in my text - some are streams of words, but some have poems or monologues about religion, racism, history or a simple analysis of our times. I offer an opinion that is there for the viewer to find, and to approve or disapprove or (better yet) to agree with. I like to create this rhetoric within a shape that attracts, that opens one's curiosity and senses.

Each painting comes to represent a piece of time, an illustrated debate or conversation - from ancient religions and beliefs to modern times and technology, it merges to one, all blended in colors and shape, where viewers can either enjoy the whole manifest of shapes or concentrate in the detail and find arguments or rhetoric.

My work is intended to provoke thought and at the same time to offer the playful interaction of shapes and forms that are influenced by these pre-Colombian cultures.

Leandro Sanchez.

Price range:$1500-$3000