I take life images in abstract form from all over the place. I draw and magnify them in a much bigger scale in order to maximize the fullness of life. The life forms that I make are rather imaginary as if I am creating a new creature and discovering an undiscovered area. For this interest, nature has been the source of my inspiration. Each living thing must come from another thing of the same kind. It just repeats with a little change. In my work, as an act of seeding, I make countless tiny dots and lines in repetition. Every piece starts with one dot. It sprouts and becomes various kinds of line and form. And it gives birth to another dot, which is full of energy of becoming, growing, moving, mutating and multiplying.

By putting my pure and strong energy in each dot and line through the process of obsessive and painstaking mark making, the compulsive repetition soon takes on a very different rhythmic shape increasing richness and complexity, almost giving the impressions of explosion.

As for the animation work, it was made with thousands of drawings. One-second film takes 30drawings (My animation is total of 8minutes 10seconds - 490 seconds). The drawings on the walls of this gallery are also included in the animation as basic components of the images. They actually grow, move, mutate and multiply in the movie.

Price range:$400-$3000