This series is an exploration of spaces and objects at night, using only available light. I have titled the work " After Eight".

The images hint at a human presence but never actually reveal one. This is a deliberate attempt to look at the world without man's obvious presence, when the sun has gone down and people have left.

Through this body of work I attempt to make the invisible, visible to my viewers. Have they failed to see it before because of its unimportance to them or is it perhaps that at night it becomes something remarkable? Does it beg to be viewed differently under the cover of darkness? The work questions what is ordinary. Is it ordinary and does it become extraordinary through the process of exploring it photographically at night. Does the light set it apart from what it is during the day? I find that the play of light and darkness leave us sometimes with a sense of tension and the color allows us some relief as we continue to observe.

With "After Eight" I also attempt to be a story starter. I aim to present the viewer with images that allow them to imagine their own scenarios within the image, perhaps like the the moment right before a crime. I want people to feel a little of what I felt as I shot. Alone, threatened, sometimes in danger of violence or just curious as to what is the presence felt here with such an obvious scarcity of people. I enjoy the sense of tension the images present. I want viewers to face the fears they are confronted with in the After Eight series. I also want to leave them to their own devices and let their own imagination work with them. I am just an instigator of thought.

Price Range: $1,500 to $2,000