The Durations Series explores the passage of time and the fragmentation of memory during the moment of perceiving. In each moment hundreds of minute gestures are expressed, motions taken, words spoken, sounds heard, and images recorded in the mind. I use the impression of these moments by condensing, grouping, double exposing and blurring images and thus have constructed a more fluid and emotionally charged interpretation of passing time as it is disappearing. By presenting a fuller and more abstract recording of perception and emotion, The Durations Series capture the wonder, confusion and fullness of the whole moment.

My work begins in a specific location gathering fragments of sound, image, smell, and emotional and physical response to environment and space via a camera and journal. I collect and accumulate many images based on time spent in an environment and record how my body responds to that space. My work is mainly a response to non-urban environments as nature provides stillness for focused visual concentration and increased awareness of the body as it reacts to space. From this collection process I make a series of artists' books, digital prints, c-prints and small scale sculpture till I have shaped a more defined body of work. This is often a two to three year process as I let the work and my researches guide me. The process of working through an idea via my chosen media is akin to alchemy.

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Price range:$600-$7500