New York native, Stephen Schuster is presently living in Brooklyn and working as a professional photographer and artist. "I hope that one day my photographs can be widely recognized as a historical documentation of Brooklyn's subway tunnels," says Schuster." My work is an exploration of what lurks under the surface and my photography helps me feel alive, I just hope that it doesn't kill me."
Schuster's photography is an investigation of urban environments. "These places have always held a sense of wonder and danger to me," says Schuster. "My work is about exploring different spaces, especially ones that I feel are overlooked for their aesthetic possibilities. Abandoned industry, Brooklyn's underground and night photography all fall into that category. I love to capture and explore," says Schuster "and my series of tunnel photographs are a good example of my love for the vacant and mysterious". "I'm getting my work out there so that pedestrians and straphangers alike can understand what lurks under the surface.

Price range:$1000-$1500