These photographs use the energy of water as a metaphor for attraction, innocence and freedom. Able to absorb energy, absolve us of our sins, and then ripple to a complete calm - the energy of water is magnificent. The power of water can overwhelm with sheer force and sheer abandonment. What could be more freeing then feeling the wind fly by you as you plunge towards the embracing water? Abandoning yourself to the turns of the tides, floating effortlessly and reveling in a disassociation with gravity. The sheer force of water also can seduce, destroy and calm. With a long gaze into the sea the endless horizon evaporates into the mist of the sky. Ones experiences of the water are shaped and at an early age can affect a psyche for a lifetime. It is in the non-definitive allure of water that these photographs take on personal significance.

Price range:$900-$1500