Tronic Studio is a multi-disciplinary digital design firm specializing in architecture, 3D animation and the visual arts. Our goal is to explore the overlapping condition of these fields through rigorous exploration, creativity and technology.

Our world is an information transmission system based on shared perceptions of environmental realities rather than language.

How those images can transform language is at the core of Tronic's vision. An ideology in which the human body and technology meld digital and physical space, creating a seamless, morphological continent; where two worlds collapse into one, producing new environments.

Establishing a unique collective of innovative imagemakers, Tronic leverages our various backgrounds as architects, designers, animators, art and video directors to transform medium, movement and experience.

Style and cultural conceits come and go, but ideas remain. Transcending preconceived notions, visualizing new ways of translating vision into design, we create work that is both visually, spatially, and conceptually arresting.
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Price range:$500-$1500